What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is the utilization of advanced technology for completing advertising activities. Firms over the world have woken up to this new device accessible to them to contact an ever increasing number of clients in some ways. Digital Marketing is additionally known as Web Marketing, Internet Marketing and Online Marketing in different countries throughout the globe. Digital marketing alludes to advertising conveyed through computerized channels, for example, web crawlers, sites, email, mobile applications, and social media. In brief, it a  Read More
Digital Marketing  was a term which was unknown few years back. But with the popularity of social media and  arrival of smartphones, digital marketing has been catapulted to new height. And today whether its small or big, no-business can survive without the help of Digital Marketing. The  form and uses  of Digital Marketing has been fast changing. Digital marketer has to keep oneself on toe and always abreast one self to keep up with the pace of  change of Digital Marketing.

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Artificial Intelligence
IT sector is one of the  areas where technologies change faster than other industry. And new buzzword in IT industry is, AI or artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is such a technology where a machine can take decision itself like a human being. So far, Artificial Intelligence where used only in high-tech Robots etc. But it has started to usher in each and every  industry.   Read More
Page speed
Page speed is one of the important factor which  influences your website ranking. It not only affects SEO wise, but it also affects the visitors of your website. Its a proven fact that users in a fast way of life, do not want to wait for  loading the website for long. If the website is slow loading, its  most likely that you will lose your potential visitors because  one is not there to stay your loading page. **To Grow Your Business Contact Suhanasoftech Pvt. Ltd.** **To Learn SEO Visi  Read More
Facebook Vs Google Adword
Both Facebook and Google's Adwrod are paid advertising methods. Using these source of advertising one can  grab more and more customers through online advertising. Both are  customized and can be targeted to any particular are or any particular gender ground. Both can be controlled budget-wise also. For  example if your budges it low, you can set daily budget . Once your daily budget is exhausted, your Ad is ceased to display.   **To Grow Your Business Contact Suhanasoftech Pvt. Ltd.** <  Read More
Digital Marketing in Kolkata
Digital Marketing is the Buzzword of IT industry.No online business can imagine to survive without help of Digital Marketing. Traditional marketing is OK but without the support of Digital marketing one cannot imagine to achieve the business target of the company. TV Ads, newspaper Ads are things of the past  and  Social Media marketing and other form of Digital Marketing sources are  new mantra of marketing of any product or service.   **To Grow Your Business Contact Suhanasoftech Pvt. Ltd.**  Read More

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