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Number of platforms and technologies that help companies in manufacturing desired modern products are increasing at a great rate and this is due to the fact that the world is increasingly being captured by technological transformation with every passing day. Today, we are surrounded by a lot of options that claim to assist in the delivering the ultra-modern products but this is not true with each case as only few can actually do the right job. MEAN stack is one of such options which is highly successful in providing what it claims.

 MEAN stack is an open-source free JavaScript software stack Technology which comprises of MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js. This software’s potential to develop dynamic and vibrant websites and web apps is widely appreciated all around the world. Let us summarize all the major benefits of using MEAN stack for developing web applications for your business so you too can make full use of all these features of MEAN stack and benefit from them in the best way.

  • Non-blocking architecture of node.js translates into rate and also the acceptability. Another fact that Angular JS is an open-source JavaScript framework provides testability along with maintenance and reusability. All these robust provisions together provide domain specific language and testability and make the development process remarkably speedy and manageable.
  • Great for testing and deployment : The next step right after developing the app is to test it so for testing MEAN stack enables developers to quickly test the app on a cloud platform and not only this MEAN stack also allows you to develop, check, and introduce the app on a cloud platform. Apart from that, developers can submit additional data as well after adding a specific field to the form. Moreover, full cluster support and automatic replication is enabled due to MongoDB, which has specially been made for the cloud and helps to deploy cloud functionalities within the app by reducing the disk space cost.
  • Better than other stacks : If you choose another stack like the LAMP stack or any other then you will need a number of developers who are proficient with PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL. But this is not the case with the MEAN stack, if MEAN stack is used for developing the web app then you will only need a JavaScript professional. So in short, while working with mean stack you need less number of developers if compared with other stacks. So this ability of MEAN stack makes it cost effective.
  • Easy to transfer the code : It is a lot easier to transfer a code written in one framework into another framework using the MEAN because it provides the isomorphic coding. It also sufficiently improves the workflow without affecting the functionality.


So the MEAN stack has it all! It is flexible, cost effective, and also enables Isomorphic coding. All the technologies in this stack can be used for integration with another without any disturbance.

Over and above that, it is very easy to learn. Now you can understand why MEAN stack is the best option to consider while developing dynamic websites and web applications.

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