Our Team

Suhanasoftech is proud to have collection of professional and experienced team. The company has small team of 15+ peoples. All the team members are honest towards their work and are master in their respective fields.

To deliver quality output tor diverse set of customers an enterprise needs reliable, modern, up dated and technologically advance infrastructure. There should be working environment to all working professionals with best IT infrastructure to get maximum outcome from all available resources. To respond business opportunities in least possible time, an enterprise also needs a robust network Infrastructure.

To ensure availability of each and everything from basic amenities to hardware resources and software tools, Suhanasoftech has a designated set of resources that provides best facilities according to the International IT industry standards.

Suhanasoftech is headquartered in Metro city of Indian, Kolkata. The company has also branch in Surat, Gujarat. Suhanasoftech operates from a vibrant, exciting environment, with excellent infrastructure facilities.

Suhanasoftech is well equipped with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, with several high configuration workstations fully equipped with the latest hardware, operating systems and other software as par requirements.

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