The top five digital marketing courses in the U.S.


The top five digital marketing courses in the U.S.

Even the most astute marketer must select the best programme for their requirements.

The digital marketing sector is expanding at a breakneck speed around the world. Although the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be abating, it has permanently altered how we work, shop, and learn, with more people conducting their daily lives from home. In fact, by 2026, global digital advertising and marketing is expected to be worth $786.2 billion. The current market in the United States is anticipated to be worth US$179.4 billion in 2022, accounting for 38.6% of the global market. Furthermore, by 2026, China, the world’s second-largest economy, is expected to have a market of US$254.9 billion.

When considering today’s business climate, there are two major takeaways: competition is fiercer than ever, and our world is becoming increasingly computerised. That’s why it’s critical for today’s marketing professionals to have a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing and to keep their knowledge up to date and expanding. There’s an overwhelming number of relevant and important talents to choose from, and the clever marketer must select the best programme to meet their goals and obtain necessary training and certification.

The methodology used

The following ranking of digital marketing courses is the product of thorough research and analysis based on four basic criteria:

  1. Curriculum breadth: What skills does the content cover, and how comprehensive is it?
  2. Hands-on learning that is interactive: To what extent is the learning experience interactive, and how much emphasis is placed on learning actual tools, addressing real-world problems, and so on?
  3. Is the programme as well as the final certificate recognised by the industry? Is it, for example, exclusively acknowledged in India or is it recognised worldwide?
  4. Student feedback: Did the students enjoy and benefit from the course? External ratings such as Mouthshut, Trustpilot, and other similar sites provided feedback and suggestions

Here are the top five digital marking courses accessible in the United States now, based on the criteria from the above research findings.

  1. LinkedIn Learning’s Marketing Tutorials
  2. Georgia State University’s Marketing M.S.
  3. Purdue Digital Marketing Training
  4. Duke Digital Marketing Program
  5. Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Specialist

The following is a detailed analysis of each instructional resource, organised by rank:

  1. LinkedIn Learning’s Marketing Tutorials

LinkedIn Learning has replaced Aspiring digital marketers can choose from over 1,000 relevant courses and over 21,000 video tutorials on LinkedIn Learning. Students can use these courses and videos to focus on specific aspects of digital marketing that they’re interested in, or they can broaden their focus to include basic digital marketing training.


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